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Broadband Solutions

- PTP (Point-To-Point)

PTP links are ideal to eliminate the recurring costs of leased circuits. often providing an ROI in only a few months. Links can be created to provide primary or backup service.

- PMP(Point-To-Multipoint)

Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) and ePMP™ wireless broadband solutions can deliver anywhere, anytime access with high-speed voice, data, and video communications serving multiple people in multiple locations.

- WI-FI Network

• Hardware Products

Enterprise Wi-Fi networks specifically designed for the real-time demands of an all-wireless world, Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions are scalable, future proof, easy to use and provide application control, which makes the obvious choice for small, medium, or large-scale Wi-Fi networks.

• Indoor Access point

802.11ac Wi-Fi indoor access point delivers reliable, high-performance indoor Wi-Fi to schools, malls, hospitality properties, coffee shops, multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

• Outdoor Access point

802.11ac Wi-Fi outdoor access point access meets the demands of outdoor spaces with rugged housing to handle anything from rain, and hurricane-force winds to sub-zero temperatures With all the power you need to provide high-performance, seamless, reliable, and secure all the infrastructure in WLAn.

• Smart Wi-Fi Controllers

Wi-Fi Controller is widely-considered the most simple and straightforward centralized WLAN appliances or software uses a highly-intuitive Web user interface to make configuration and administration of the entire WLAN network.