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Data Center Solutions

Data Centers Design Implementation

Data centers are vital to organizations, considering they are the dedicated space where businesses house their most important information and rely on that information to be safe and accessible. The proper, efficient design of data centers then becomes crucial, even though it is certainly not a one-size-fit all realms. Constructing a data center is complex, requiring professional project management. Afaaq team has in-depth and varied skills ready to utilize all resources using state-of-the-art technology to create a custom-tailored solution for every client need, timeframe, and budget. Afaaq experienced project team sees projects through from conceptualizing complete data center infrastructure all the way to a build plan than meets every need, budget, and timeframe.

Afaaq solutions include:-

1. Site Basic Design

Site location selection, design of site layout and access routes as well as Architectural Finishing requirements, Mechanical, Heat and Electrical loads estimates. Site safety and security facilities definition Site office equipment, furniture layouts as well as environmental monitoring & management for Green IT. Since no two businesses are alike, meaning no two data centers tackled with the same solutions.

2. Floor & Ceiling constaction

Design and Installation of floor Constructions based on calculations of floor loads with every equipment or server implemented as well as cable trays, airflow and water drainage. Same for false ceiling in consideration of lighting distribution, air flow and cable trays.

3. Cabling Infrastructure

Cables raceways design and installations to ensure stable power and data connectivity.

4. Server Racks and Installation

Using 3D rendering design tools allow a tailored design solution for site space with installation of best reliable industry servers racks.

5. Electric Power

Design and Installation of reliable electrical power sources and wiring required for the proper functioning of the data-processing equipment.

6. Air conditioning

Design and installation of a proper HVAC system for the specific customer data center environment to absorb heat loads and ensure that all equipment runs smoothly and consistently.

7. Site Safety

Provision of sensitive smoke and fire detectors with proper fire extinguishing facilities.

8. Site Security

Provision of access control as well as CCTV HD cameras for surveillance and HD Screen Monitors Workstations and/or Video Walls for Effective Monitoring.